Finding the cause of the occupational asthma

Finding the cause of the occupational asthma

If the record shows occupational asthma you will need expert help in finding the cause. If there is an occupational health department at your workplace, these are the best people to help, if not you will need to be referred to a specialist in occupational lung disease by your primary care doctor (a GP in the UK). Finding specific cause is usually more difficult than diagnosing occupational asthma. Other tests that may be needed include blood tests to see if you are allergic to a particular chemical (this is suitable for biological agents such as latex, laboratory animals, enzymes, green coffee beans etc) and skin prick tests (especially useful for platinum salts and some biological agents).

Sometimes specific exposure tests are necessary. This requires referral to a specialist centre.


I had childhood asthma, it went away until i was exposed to sulfuric acid in 1998..resulting in chemical pneumonitis or chemical pneumonia i guess it is also called...and respitory adema, it was treated and appeared to be all cleared up, however , beginning within 6 months ( or sooner) i have since had increasing, worsening problems attributed to asthma , chronic bronchitis and pneumonia ( repeated as i said)diagnosis have varied ..including aforementioned and pneumonitis. I have since been working in the oilfield and presently am a driller of natural gas wells, rig is diesel electric with very little exhaust to were i control the rig, my job is usually pretty free of irritants, although it can be stressful. I spent 1 week in the hospital 2 months ago, in the respitory unit on o2 thereapy , stearoids and antibiotics and at their suggestion have filed to reopen claim due to worsening condition, it was denied. Do you think these chronic problems can or may be from that exposure? it was high concentration mist from 98% sulfuric acid over 15 minutes in an enclosed well as burns on face and hands from liquid. Any suggested references? I am filing an appeal and need references since they are saying it is due to my asthma and not the exposure, but i believe them to be connected. Anyway any help would be greatly appreciated. Thankyou,

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