7-amino-3-thiomethyl-3-cephalosporanic acid

Agent 7-amino-3-thiomethyl-3-cephalosporanic acid
Job cephalosporin manufacturer
Specific IgE insoluble, not done 
Skin prick test insoluble, not done 
Non-specific reactivity normal before and after challenge (away from exposure 4 months)
Serial Peak Flow not done
 BAL not done
 FENO not done
Induced sputum no change in eosinophils pre-post challenge. Nasal eosinophils however increased post challenge 2.9-24.8%
Specific Challenge 

0.5% 7-TACA in 99.5 mg lactose immediate reaction, negativeactose control. No reaction in unexposed atopic control


asymptomatic moving to corticosteroid production line


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