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The incidence of Latex induced occupational asthma has been decreasing since around 1997, mainly due to greater awareness of the problem and replacement of disposable natural rubber latex gloves with powder free or nitrile (latex free) gloves. However there is still a large amount of inhalable latex present in hospitals

Latex cross reacts with banana, avocado, kiwi and chestnut. Allergy to these implies allergy, or potential allergy, to Latex.

There are many common products that include Latex such as Erasers, Rubber bands, Balloons, Condoms etc. However, in order to get occupational asthma it is neccesary to inhale the Latex and this is unlikely to be a problem for consumers.

References for: Latex See published papers on "Latex" from this website.
Haz-Map information on: Latex See information on "Latex" from the HazMap (Information on Hazardous Chemicals and Occupational Diseases) website.
Asmanet information on: Latex See information on "Latex" from the AsmaPro website (database of occupational asthma cases).

Oasys Notifications for Latex

The Oasys Audit scheme started midway through 2010 and collects agents typed in through the Oasys program. The years before 2010 show old data entered during 2010 or later and are likely to have many fewer notifications. We expect Oasys to become more widely adopted as time goes by so increasing notifications does not necessarily mean an increasing problem.

Occupational asthma notifications to the Oasys Audit Scheme for Latex

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HSE Latex Advice
This website will tell you more about NRL allergies and how you can protect yourself and others against them. It gives advice on single-use glove selection, taking account of the importance of infection control.

NIOSH alert on Latex
Preventing Allergic Reactions to Natural Rubber Latex in the Workplace, a NIOSH alert from 1997.

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Latex Allergy Links is a comprehensive, up-to-date listing of latex allergy-related sites and documents on the Internet.

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