The risks of Occupational Asthma in your Job

The risks of Occupational Asthma in your Job

The jobs below contain occupational asthma information, resources, references and links. A list of possible occupational asthma sensitisers is also shown.

For many occupational asthma causative agents / sensitisers the risk of occupational asthma is increased as the level of exposure is increased. Try to reduce the exposure as much as possible by extracting, enclosing the agent, by using respiratory protective equipment (RPE) and by using clean working methods. All of the jobs listed here can carry a risk of occupational asthma and employers should provide health surveillance.

To carry our health surveillance assess a worker’s respiratory health before they start work to provide a baseline record. Ensure a regular (at least annual) questionnaire and clinical assessment and follow up the results. If workers are identified as having possible occupational asthma they should be referred to a specialist as quickly as possible.

Occupational asthma: Paint Sprayer Paint Sprayer
Occupational asthma: Healthcare Workers Healthcare Workers
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