Can asthma be caused by stress?

Stress can make asthma symptoms worse in people who already have the condition, even though stress does not directly cause asthma. Stress can cause the body to generate specific hormones and chemicals that cause airway constriction and inflammation, two symptoms that are specific to asthma. Stress may also compromise immunity, increasing the risk of respiratory infections that exacerbate asthma symptoms in people. In addition, stress can aggravate asthma by encouraging unhealthy coping mechanisms like smoking or skipping asthma treatment appointments. In light of this, although stress may not be the main cause of asthma, people can manage their stress levels by practicing relaxation techniques, exercising, and getting support from medical specialists. This will help them better control their asthma symptoms and maintain their general health.

Occupational Asthma, Health Professional, 4/10/2024, 4/10/2024,

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