What are the minimum criteria for serial measurements of peak flow to maintain a high degree of diagnostic accuracy?

The following references have been associated with this question by users of this website. They do not form part of the BOHRF occupational asthma guidelines.

burgeps Moore 2009 Minimum requirements for the Area Between Curves (ABC) score are 2-hourly readings for 8 workdays and 3 restdays. Longer records are required if readings are less frequent
burgeps Anees 2004
Cedd Burge Burge 2009 A minimum of four time point comparisons were needed (only 43% of available records). This equates to a minimum of four readings per day for 3 work and 3 rest days, as long as readings taken at the same times every day. 6-8 readings per day for 5 work days (1 week) and 4 rest days (2 weekends) should be requested from patients. Patients need to wake up at similar times on work and rest days.

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