What is the feasibility of obtaining serial measurements of peak flow in workers suspected of having occupational asthma?

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burgeps Huggins 2005 Descibes quality of records returned by 171 workers
burgeps Hannu 2007 Adequate in 6/9 in whom attempted
burgeps Bolen 2007 Records using the Easy-1 logging spirometer, suitable for Oasys intrepretation, were obtained from 53% of a community sample of asthmatics attending a research clinic (78% providing some records). 53% of the total sample did not attend the reseach clinic and were not offered PEF monitoring leaving adequate recods from 25% of the intended sample. Patients were paid $200 for completing the study.
burgeps Girard 2004
burgeps Munoz 2004 5/8 possible, other 3 had left work
burgeps Moore 2009 67/72 workers returned PEF records; 97% were able to return a record with at least four readings per day and 87% at least 3 weeks in length
burgeps Turgut 2005 21/22 industrial workers in Turkey from a cross-sectional study of auto ans dye workers performed serial PEF. Quality of records not easily found in paper. Occupational asthma from PEF records found in 5/21
burgeps Eifan 2005 22/36 adolescent Turkish apprentice car painters returned a reasonable PEF record (with 5-7 days away from work and 4 times daily readings for 3 weeks). 6/36 deemed falsified and 8/36 refused to do records. 17/22 had work-related PEF with diurnal variation >20%; 9 had wheeze on questionnaire.
burgeps Arbak 2004 64 students and 62 controls asked to keep a serial PEF record for 4 weeks, all returned something. Students completed mean workdays 19.6 (SD 2.5) and controls 20.2 (SD 2.1) workdays. Off work days students 10.7 (SD 2.7) and controls 9.9 (SD 1.9) days.
burgeps Minov 2007 5/5 symptomatic tea workers kept adequate pef records for at least 2 weeks 4 times daily
burgeps Medina-Ramón 2006 51/80 female cleaners kept pef and symptom diaries. 2/51 <7days, 6 further excluded because of <5 days consecutive medication (i.e., changes in treatment) or learning effects or meter malfunction. Records were 3 times daily for 2 weeks 37/43 scorable with oasys or an expert
burgeps Sauni 2009 51% (of 150 referrals to the Finnish Institute) had serial PEF done by the referring chest physicians. Of these 83% had >=14 workdays and 81% >=2 periods off work, 79% >=8 workdays and 73% >=4 readings/day, 87% best 2 readings within 20l/min. 52% met all 5 criteria (31/150). No difference between respiratory and occupational clinic referrals.
burgeps White 2013

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