Karjalainen A, Kurppa K, Virtanen S, Keskinen H, Nordman H, Incidence Of Occupational Asthma By Occupation and Industry In Finland, Am J Ind Med, 2000;37:451-458,

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The mean annual incidence rate for occupational asthma was 17.4 cases/100,000 employed workers. The incidence rate was highest in bakers, painters and lacquerers, veterinary surgeons, chemical workers, farmers, animal husbandry workers, food manufacturing workers, welders, plastic product workers, butchers and sausage makers, and floor layers. Cases caused by animal epithelia, hairs and secretions or flours, grains, and fodders accounted for 60% of the total (approximately 50% of all occupational asthma occurs in farmers - high exposure since cattle are kept in cow houses for 5-8 months of the year). Authors conclude that estimation of occupation and industry-specific incidence rates forms the basis for successful prevention of occupational asthma, but necessitates collection of data over several years from well-established surveillance systems.

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*** 2++ The annual population incidence of occupationally related asthma ranges from an estimated 12 to 170 cases per million workers with an estimated mean of 47 cases per million workers.

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