Johnsen CR, Sorensen TB, Ingemann Larsen A et al, Allergy risk in an enzyme producing plant: a retrospective follow up study, J Occup Environ Med, 1997;54:671-675,

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Study aimed to investigate the risk of enzyme sensitisation and clinical allergy in workers exposed to enzymes. 8.8% developed clinical enzyme allergy during the first 3 years of employment. The risk declined during the period. The frequency of enzyme sensitisation, expressed as RAST values > 0.5 SU, was 36%, and the frequency of significant RAST values = 2 SU was 8%. Ranking diagnoses of enzyme allergy by severity, the frequency of asthma was 5.3%, rhinitis 3.0%, and urticaria 0.6%. Half of the cases occurred within the first 15 months of exposure. The risk of symptomatic allergy and sensitisation to enzymes, expressed as increasing RAST value were significantly increased in smokers .A positive skin prick test at the pre-employment examination did not predispose to clinical enzyme allergy. Likewise, clinical allergy at the pre-employment examination did not predispose to clinical enzyme allergy or sensitisation. Smoking was an independent risk factor for clinical enzyme allergy. Atopic predisposition at the time of engagement was not a significant risk factor for enzyme allergy. This could be due to various selection mechanisms.

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** 2+ Sensitisation and occupational asthma are most likely to develop in the first years of exposure for workers exposed to enzymes, complex platinum salts, isocyanates and laboratory animal allergens.

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