Henneberger PK, Stanbury MJ, Trimbath LS, Kipen HM, The use of portable peak flowmeters in the surveillance of occupational asthma, Chest, 1991;100:1515-1521,

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Study aimed to identify the strengths and limitations of using portable peak flow meters to document suspected cases of occupational asthma that were reported to a surveillance project. Between May 1988 and January 1990, physicians reported 70 cases voluntarily. Subjects who were still employed in suspected work sites were requested to test themselves for at least 15 days, using portable peak flow meters. For each of the 14 subjects who were successfully tested, the PEFR data provided valuable information about their asthma-work association. However, a large number of subjects whose cases were reported (56) either could not be tested or were not successfully tested. Authors conclude that the collection of serial peak flow measurements to document occupational asthma would best be initiated by the treating physician when the patient first sought care, rather than waiting until after the case was reported to the state health department.

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** 3 Acceptable peak flow series can be obtained in around two thirds of those in whom a diagnosis of occupational asthma is being considered.

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