Gordon SB, Curran AD, Murphy J, Sillitoe C, Lee G, Wiley K, Morice, AH, Screening Questionnaires For Bakers' Asthma - Are They Worth The Effort?, Occup Med (London), 1997;47:361-366,

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A questionnaire was issued to 362 flour-exposed workers in a large bakery. The respiratory screening questionnaire identified 68 workers with respiratory symptoms. Of these, 21 proceeded to full assessment. A diagnosis of asthma was made in 5 cases, one of which was bakers' asthma. In addition, 11 workers not reporting any symptoms by questionnaire were referred to clinic and five were diagnosed as having asthma. Authors conclude that screening questionnaires may lead to an underestimate of the prevalence of asthmatic symptoms and as such should not be used alone in workplace screening.

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* 3 Screening questionnaires may lead to an underestimate of the prevalence of asthmatic symptoms.

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