Gannon PF, Newton DT, Belcher J, Pantin CF, Burge PS, Development Of OASYS-2: A System For The Analysis Of Serial Measurement Of Peak Expiratory Flow In Workers With Suspected Occupational Asthma, Thorax, 1996;51:484-489,

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Serial peak expiratory flow (PEF) measurement is usually the most appropriate first step in the confirmation of occupational asthma. A computer assisted diagnostic aid (OASYS-2) has been developed. 268 PEF records were collected from workers attending clinic for investigation of suspected occupational asthma and from workers participating in a study of respiratory symptoms in a postal sorting office, and were divided into 2 development sets and two gold standard sets. The latter consisted of records from workers in which a final diagnosis had been reached by a method other than PEF recording. Comparison with gold standard set 1 identified a cut off which proved to have a sensitivity of 75% and a specificity of 94% for an independent diagnosis of occupational asthma when applied to gold standard set 2. The performance of OASYS-2 is more specific and approaches the sensitivity of other statistical methods of analysis. The evaluation of a large number of PEF records from workers exposed to different sensitising agents suggests that these results should be robust and should be repeatable in clinical practice

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mostly low molecular weight agents

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** 2+ Computed analysis of peak flow records has good diagnostic performance

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