Gannon PF, Weir DC, Robertson AS, Burge PS, Health, employment, and financial outcomes in workers with occupational asthma., Br J Ind Med, 1993;50:491-496,

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Workers still exposed - median loss of income due to occupational asthma was 35%. Those removed from exposure were worse off financially - median loss 54% of income. Statutory compensation and that obtained from common law suits did not match the loss of earnings due to development of occupational asthma. Removal from exposure after diagnosis with occupational asthma is beneficial in terms of symptoms and lung function, but is associated with a loss of income. Early diagnosis is important for symptomatic improvement after removal from exposure. Inadequate compensation may contribute to the workers' decision to remain exposed after diagnosis.

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** 2- Approximately one third of workers with occupational asthma are unemployed up to 6 years after diagnosis.

** 2- Workers with occupational asthma suffer financially.

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