El-Zein M, Malo J-L, Infante-Rivard C, Gautrin D, Incidence of probable occupational asthma and changes in airway calibre and responsiveness in apprentice welders, Eur Respir J, 2003;22:513-519,

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Study aimed to determine the incidence of probable occupational asthma (OA), bronchial obstruction and hyper-responsiveness among 286 student welders. Non-specific bronchial reactivity was measurable in 194/204 individuals who were present. There were also individuals who developed non-specific bronchial reactivity without symptoms. Going from a 3.2 fold change to a 2-fold change did not enhance the sensitivity of looking for changes in reactivity. There were also individuals who lost their reactivity (3.1%) about half as often as those who became reactive (6.7%).

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* 3 Paired measurements of non-specific reactivity may be achieved in the workplace.

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