DeZotti R, Bovenzi M, Prospective study of work-related respiratory symptoms in trainee bakers, Occup Environ Med, 2000;57:58-61,

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Study aimed to investigate the occurrence of work-related respiratory symptoms and to assess the effect of atopy in 125 trainee bakers. At the baseline examination, 4 students complained of respiratory symptoms (cough and rhinitis) when working with flours and 4 were skin positive to wheat flour or alpha-amylase. The incidence of work-related respiratory symptoms was 3.4% at 6 months, and the cumulative incidence was 4.8% and 9.0% at 18 and 30 months, respectively. The incidence of skin sensitisation to occupational allergens was 4.6% at 6 months and the cumulative incidence was 4.6% at 18 months and 10.1% at 30 months. Authors conclude that personal history of allergic disease is a predisposing factor for the development of symptoms caused by exposure to wheat flour and may be a criterion of unsuitability for starting a career as a baker. Atopy based on the skin prick test is useful for identifying subjects with allergic disease, but should not be used to exclude non-symptomatic atopic people from bakery work.

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*** 2++ Atopy increases the risk of developing occupational asthma caused by exposure to many high molecular weight agents that induce the production of specific IgE antibodies.

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