deBono J, Hudsmith L, Occupational asthma: a community based study, Occup Med (London), 1999;49:217-219,

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Study looked at general practice notes of asthmatics to assess overall load of occupational asthma in the community. 86% of patients with adult onset asthma studied had at least one occupation recorded in their notes. 32% of these were in jobs known to be significant causes of occupational asthma, yet a potential link between occupation and symptoms had only been recorded in 18% of patients in these jobs. Overall 4% of the patients with adult onset asthma had been given a diagnosis of occupational asthma although in nearly half these cases, a general practitioner and not a specialist had made the diagnosis.

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* 3 The population incidence of occupational asthma may be underestimated by as much as 50%.

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