Fishwick D, Barber CM, Bradshaw LM, Ayres JG, Barraclough R, Burge S, Corne JM, Cullinan P, Frank TL, Hendrick D, Hoyle J, Curran AD, Niven R, Pickering T, Reid P, Robertson A, Stenton C, Warburton CJ, Nicholson PJ, Standards of care for occupational asthma: an update, Thorax, 2012;67:278-280,

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The audit tool, against which clinical activity should be measured, is revised as follows. All patients with suspected OA should, as a minimum, have the following clearly documented in their health records. By first visit o Presence or absence of asthma prior to potentially harmful asthmagen exposure at work o Presence or absence of work-related eye or nasal symptoms o Presence or absence of work-related respiratory symptoms and their duration o A full list of occupations held, their durations, and likely associated occupational exposures o Current ongoing asthmagen exposure o Whether other workers at the same workplace are affected o FEV1, FVC, and the degree of airflow limitation, compared to predicted values By second visit o If at work and appropriate; serial PEF measurements taken for at least 3 continuous weeks including rest days, with at least 4 good quality readings per day, analysed to assess work relatedness. o If performed, the results of non specific bronchial responsiveness o If exposed to allergen with appropriate specific IgE measure or skin prick test, the result of this test.

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