Cartier A, Malo JL, Forest F et al, Occupational asthma in snow crab processing workers, J Allergy Clin Immunol, 1984;74:261-269,

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The prevalence of occupational asthma was studied in 2 snow crab-processing industries. Before the 1982 season, all except 10/313 employees were investigated by a questionnaire, skin prick tests with common allergens, crab and crab-boiling water extracts, and spirometry. Diagnosis was confirmed in 46 (15.6%) workers (including 33/64 subjects with a history highly suggestive of occupational asthma in the previous seasons) by specific inhalation challenges in 33 subjects and/or a combination of monitoring of peak expiratory flow rates and significant changes in bronchial responsiveness to histamine as well as in spirometry after reappearance of symptoms on return to work. Positive skin tests to crab and, to a lesser degree, smoking history but not atopy were related to the presence of occupational asthma. A high prevalence of rhino-conjunctivitis (35/46) and urticaria (16/46) was also documented in the affected individuals.

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** 2+ Cigarette smoking can increase the risk of developing occupational asthma with some sensitising agents.

** 2+ Occupational rhinitis and occupational asthma frequently occur as co-morbid conditions in IgE associated occupational asthma.

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