Allmers H, Schmengler J, Skudlik C, Primary prevention of natural rubber latex allergy in the German health care system through education and intervention, J Allergy Clin Immunol, 2002;110:318-23,

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Study assesses the effects of intervention to reduce the incidence of natural rubber latex (NRL) allergy in personnel working in health care facilities by switching to powder-free NRL gloves. Despite the effect of increased recognition of NRL allergies, education about NRL allergies in health care facilities combined with the introduction of powder-free gloves with reduced protein levels has been associated with a decline in the number of suspected cases of occupational allergies caused by NRL in Germany on a nationwide scale. Results clearly indicate that primary prevention of occupational NRL allergies can be achieved if these straightforward and practical interventions are properly carried out and maintained.

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*** 2++ Reducing airborne exposure reduces the number of workers who become sensitised and who develop occupational asthma.

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