Zentner A, Jeep S, Wahl R et al, Multiple IgE-mediated sensitisations to enzymes after occupational exposure: evaluation by skin prick test, RAST, and immunoblot, Allergy, 1997;52:928-934,

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Study investigated 10 sensitized and 10 non-sensitised workers from a pharmaceutical factory who had been exposed to enzymes. 10 non-allergic subjects served as a control group. Titrated skin prick tests (SPT), RAST, and immunoblot studies were performed with all six enzymes. SPT reactivity revealed multiple sensitisations to proteolytic enzymes. Immunoblot studies demonstrated IgG-binding bands in both SPT-positive and -negative workers, indicating exposure to the enzymes, but not in 10 unexposed control subjects. IgE-binding bands of the enzymes were detected only in workers with a positive SPT reaction and/or a positive RAST result. IgG bands were more frequent and the IgG/IgE ratio was increased in workers without allergic complaints compared to symptomatic workers. This might indicate that high levels of specific IgG antibodies to enzymes are associated with an immune response lacking allergic manifestations in spite of IgE-mediated sensitisations to the enzymes. Atopic subjects were at greater risk of developing IgE-mediated sensitisation (7/10) and allergic symptoms to enzymes (5/7). However, even without risk of atopy, IgE-mediated hypersensitivity occurred in a few subjects (3/13) exposed to enzymes by inhalation for prolonged periods of time.

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*** 2++ Atopy increases the risk of developing occupational asthma caused by exposure to many high molecular weight agents that induce the production of specific IgE antibodies.

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