Vanhanen M, Tuomi T, Nordman H et al, Sensitisation to industrial enzymes in enzyme research and production, Scand J Work Environ Health, 1997;23:385-391,

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Study investigated sensitisation to industrial enzymes in Finnish enzyme production and in Finnish laboratories. The skin prick test showed 21 employees (12%) to be sensitized to one or more enzymes. 16 positive persons also had specific IgE. Atopy was distinctly associated with enzyme sensitisation. An exposure-response relationship was found for enzyme sensitisation and for respiratory symptoms during work. For sensitisation, the exposure-response linear trend was statistically significant. It weakened but remained statistically significant after stratification for atopy. For symptoms, likewise, the exposure-response linear trend was statistically significant, and the statistical significance remained after stratification for atopy. Authors conclude that study confirmed that industrial enzymes are potent sensitisers. Sensitisation may even follow minute degrees of exposure, such as among office personnel. Atopics are more susceptible to sensitisation than non-atopics. Non-atopics are also clearly at risk; the demonstrated exposure-response relationship emphasizes the need for and advantages of proper exposure control.

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*** 2++ The risk of sensitisation and occupational asthma is increased by higher exposures to many workplace agents.

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