Vandenplas O, Delwiche JP Depelchin S et al, Latex Gloves With A Lower Protein Content Reduce Bronchial Reactions In Subjects With Occupational Asthma Caused By Latex, Am J Respir Crit Care Med, 1995;151:887-891,

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Using inhalation challenges, the bronchial response to hypoallergenic gloves was evaluated in 8 health care workers with latex-induced asthma. Exposure to hypoallergenic gloves resulted in the absence (in 6 subjects) or a significant reduction (in 2 subjects) of bronchial response. The effects of repeated exposure to hypoallergenic gloves was assessed in 2 subjects who did not demonstrate changes in peak expiratory flow rates and non-specific bronchial responsiveness to histamine. This study on a limited number of patients suggests that the use of hypoallergenic gloves could be an effective means of reducing the risk of asthmatic reactions in health care workers with latex-induced asthma when complete avoidance cannot be achieved.

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*** 2++ The likelihood of improvement or resolution of symptoms or of preventing deterioration is greater in workers who have no further exposure to the causative agent.

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