Vandenplas O, Delwiche JP, Evrard G et al, Prevalence of occupational asthma due to latex among hospital personnel, Am J Respir Crit Care Med, 1995;151:54-60,

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A questionnaire and skin-prick tests with latex and common inhalant allergens were administered to 273 of 289 members of the target population. 13/273 subjects showed skin reactivity to latex. No subject had history suggestive of occupational asthma among those who had negative skin tests to latex. A histamine inhalation challenge was then performed on 12 of 13 latex-sensitive subjects (including 5 subjects with a history of occupational asthma). These 12 subjects demonstrated significant bronchial hyper-responsiveness. All underwent specific inhalation challenges with latex gloves and 7 subjects developed a significant bronchial response. Authors conclude that occupational asthma due to latex occurred in 2.5% of hospital employees. Widespread use of latex gloves should therefore be considered a significant risk to the respiratory health of hospital employees.

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