Tarlo SM, Liss G, Corey P et al, A workers' compensation claim population for occupational asthma. Comparison of subgroups, Chest, 1995;107:634-641,

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Retrospective study of 609 claims submitted to Ontario Workers Compensation Board (WCB, 1984-1988). Study to assess determinants of outcome of WCB accepted claims at permanent disability assessments. The WCB decision reached was occupational asthma in 39% of claims (57% of these attributed to isocyanates). A further 39% were accepted for aggravation of asthma from irritant exposures (AA). Exposure to a known sensitiser occurred in 91% with occupational asthma and to an irritant in 67% with AA. Of 200 occupational asthma accepted claims reviewed at a mean of 1.9 years later, clearing of asthma occurred in 19% and milder asthma in 47%. At follow-up 54% were unemployed. Outcome was best with early diagnosis and milder impairment of pulmonary function at initial assessment.

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