Talini D, Benvenuti A, Carrara M et al, Diagnosis Of Flour-Induced Occupational Asthma In A Cross-Sectional Study, Respir Med, 2002;96:236-243,

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Study aimed to detect new cases of flour-induced occupational asthma, by means of step-by-step approach (questionnaire, pulmonary function tests, skin prick tests and challenge tests). This stepwise approach to clinical diagnosis of occupational asthma allowed detection of small number of cases of previously undiagnosed flour induced occupational asthma (6 cases detected in sample of 297 exposed subjects). Poor correlation between skin prick test to flour and positive bronchial challenge test to flour was observed.

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*** 2++ Atopy increases the risk of developing occupational asthma caused by exposure to many high molecular weight agents that induce the production of specific IgE antibodies.

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