Redlich CA, Stowe MH, Wisnewski AV et al, Subclinical Immunologic And Physiologic Responses In Hexamethylene Di-isocyanate - Exposed Auto Body Shop Workers, Am J Ind Med, 2001;39:587-597,

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Study aimed to characterize effects of di-isocyanate exposures on auto body shop workers. No overt cases of clinically apparent di-isocyanate asthma were identified based on spirometry, methacholine challenge, peak flows, and symptoms. Hexamethylene di-isocyanate (HDI)-specific lymphocyte proliferation was present in 30% and HDI-specific IgG in 34% of workers, but they were not associated. HDI-specific IgE was detected in 2 workers. HDI-specific lymphocyte proliferation, increased methacholine responsiveness, and symptoms of chest tightness/ shortness of breath were more common in most heavily HDI-exposed workers. Findings demonstrate the presence of HDI-specific immune responses in a large proportion of healthy HDI-exposed workers.

BOHRF Associated Evidence Statements

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** 2+ Skin prick testing and blood sampling of exposed workers to conduct immunological tests is feasible in the workplace.

** 3 Acceptable peak flow series can be obtained in around two thirds of those in whom a diagnosis of occupational asthma is being considered.

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