Osterman K, Zetterstrom O, Johansson SG, Coffee workers asthma, Allergy, 1982;37:313-322,

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Study I comprised 50 selected cases (25 had work-related symptoms and 25 had not). Prick tests and RAST investigations with different factory dust extracts were performed. Study II was a cross-sectional study of 129 workers who were prick-tested with one factory dust extract and with castor bean (CB). Study 1: 12 were atopics: 9 (40%) of sensitised workers and 3 (10%) of the non-sensitised. Among the raw coffee workers, 14 were sensitised to coffee or castor bean (67%) and among the other workers 8 were probably sensitised (27%). These findings support the statement that the risk of sensitisation is greater the stronger the exposure. Study 2: Of the 28 workers with positive skin prick tests, 22 (79%) were smokers while of the 101 with negative skin prick tests 48 (47%) were smokers. The total frequency of sensitisation was 31% among smokers and 10% among non-smokers. The difference was greater the longer the duration of employment. Predisposing factors to developing sensitisation were atopic status, degree and length of exposure, and smoking habits.

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*** 2++ The risk of sensitisation and occupational asthma is increased by higher exposures to many workplace agents.

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