Obase Y, Shimoda T, Mitsuta K et al, Two patients with occupational asthma who returned to work with dust respirators, Occup Environ Med, 2000;57:62-64,

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Study aimed to assess the efficacy of dust respirators in preventing asthma attacks in patients with buckwheat flour/wheat flour-induced occupational asthma. The effect of the work environment was examined in 2 patients with occupational asthma with and without the use of a commercially available mask or a dust respirator. In patient 1, environmental exposure resulted in no symptoms during and immediately after work, but coughing, wheezing, and dyspnoea developed after 6 hours. Peak expiratory flow rate (PEFR) decreased by 44% 7 hours after leaving the work environment, showing only a positive late asthmatic reaction. In patient 2, environmental exposure resulted in coughing and wheezing 10 minutes after initiation during bread making, and PEFR decreased by 39%. After 7 hours, PEFR decreased by 34%. The environmental provocation tests in both patients were repeated after wearing a commercial respiratory. This resulted in a complete suppression of the late asthmatic reaction in patient 1 and of the immediate and late asthmatic reactions in patient 2. Authors conclude that dust respirators are effective in preventing asthma attacks induced by buckwheat flour and wheat flour.

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* 3 Air fed helmet respirators may improve or prevent symptoms in some but not all workers who continue to be exposed to the causative agent.

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