Newhouse ML, Tagg B, Pocock SJ, McEwan AC, An epidemiological study of workers producing washing powder, Lancet, 1970;1:689-693,

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Factory workers making detergents containing Alcalase. 21% of those examined gave a direct positive reaction to prick tests with Alcalase. More than twice as many of the sensitised (to Alcalase) workers compared to the unsensitised workers also reacted to common allergens. 42/57 of workers who were skin prick positive to Alcalase had symptoms of 'acute chest disease.' 75/214 of workers with negative skin prick tests also reported acute chest disease. However, there was a highly significant association between these symptoms and a positive skin reaction to Alcalase. Of the sensitised men, 21.4% had a personal or family history of allergic disease and 65.5% gave positive responses to prick tests with one or more of the common allergens. For the men who were not sensitive to the enzyme, 9.5% gave a personal or family history of allergic disease and 21.4% were sensitive to one of the common allergens. Authors reported a strong statistical correlation between the positive skin prick test and symptoms.

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