Moscato G, Dellabianca A, Perfetti L, Brame B, Galdi E, Niniano R, Paggiaro P, Occupational asthma: A longitudunal study on the clinical and socioeconomic outcome after diagnosis, Chest, 1999;115:249-256,

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At 12 months, 13/25 were removed from exposure (Group A) whereas 12 continued to be exposed (Group B). Immediately after diagnosis, asthma severity improved irrespective of whether patient removed from exposure or continued exposure, probably as a result of better therapeutic regimen. At 12 months re-evaluation, 6/13 were asymptomatic in group A, whereas in group B, all subjects were still symptomatic. In occupational asthma, cessation of exposure to the offending agent results in a decrease in asthma severity and in pharmaceutical expenses, but is associated with a deterioration of the individual's socio-economic status

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Those removed from exposure suffered 26.6% loss in annual income

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*** 2++ The likelihood of improvement or resolution of symptoms or of preventing deterioration is greater in workers who have no further exposure to the causative agent.

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