Merget R, Schulte A, Gebler A, Breitstadt R, Kulzer R, Berndt ED, Baur, X, SchultzeWerninghaus G, Outcome of occupational asthma due to platinum salts after transferral to low-esposure areas, Int Arch Occup Environ Health, 1999;72:33-39,

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83 workers in study: - 9 continued to be exposed (Group A), 16 were transferred within building (Group B), 39 were transferred within plant but different building (Group C) and 19 left the plant (Group D). At median period of about 4 years after diagnosis, asthma symptoms were reported by all subjects still exposed but by only 37/74 after transferral, with no difference being found between groups B, C and D. For the majority of subjects with occupational asthma due to Platinum salts, transfer to low exposure areas may not be associated with a more unfavourable outcome as compared with complete removal from exposure sources.

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