BarSela S, Teichtahl H, Lutsky I, Occupational asthma in poultry workers, J Allergy Clin Immunol, 1984;73:271-275,

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16 poultry workers with poultry house-related rhinitis and/or asthma were evaluated. 16 age and sex matched atopic subjects who were not occupationally exposed to poultry and 12 asymptomatic veterinarians with occupational exposure to poultry were controls. Rhinitis and asthma developed only in symptomatic poultry workers after exposure to poultry; only in these individuals could immediate wheal-and-flare reactions to poultry antigens be detected. The elapsed time between the initial poultry exposure and the onset of poultry house-related symptoms averaged 10 yr. The association between respiratory symptoms temporally related to poultry house exposure and the demonstrable IgE antibody-mediated reaction suggests a relationship between the two.

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