McSharry C, Anderson K, McKay IC, Colloff MJ, Feyerabend C, Wilson, RB, Wilkinson PC, The IgE and IgG antibody responses to aerosols of Nephrops norvegicus (prawn) antigens: the association with clinical hypersensitivity and with cigarette smoking., Clin Exp Immunol, 1994;97:499-504,

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Raised levels of serum IgE antibodies to prawn antigens were found in 15/26 seafood factory process workers with respiratory symptoms and in 1/26 case-matched asymptomatic controls. Raised IgG antibody titres against the same antigens were found in 18 subjects in each symptom grouping. The prawn-specific IgE antibody response was significantly associated with atopy and with a history of cigarette smoking. Non-atopic non-smokers were unlikely to become sensitized. The titre of the prawn-specific IgE antibody correlated with the duration of exposure and with the duration of symptoms. IgE antibody was produced mainly by smokers, whereas IgG antibody was the predominant antibody produced by non-smokers.

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*** 2++ The risk of sensitisation and occupational asthma is increased by higher exposures to many workplace agents.

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