Marabini A, DimichWard H, Kwan SY et al, Clinical and socioeconomic features of subjects with red cedar asthma. A follow-up study, Chest, 1993;104:821-824,

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Subjects categorized 'exposed workers', 'unexposed workers' and 'unemployed'. At time of diagnosis, respiratory symptoms were similar in all groups, but at follow-up (51-88 months after diagnosis) use of medication, respiratory symptoms and asthma severity were higher in 'worker exposed' group. Significant differences were found in income at follow-up. Unemployed had the lowest income and working-unexposed subjects also had a significantly lower income, both at diagnosis and during follow-up examination, than working-exposed. After diagnosis 27% changed job, which was associated with a decrease in income and 41% were unemployed. Socioeconomic factors are more important in determining the working status of subjects after a diagnosis of occupational asthma. The unemployed were older and had less dependents compared with those working (probably had to continue to work in the same job because they had a large number of dependents).

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** 2- Approximately one third of workers with occupational asthma are unemployed up to 6 years after diagnosis.

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