Malo JL, Lemiere C, Desjardins A et al, Prevalence and intensity of rhinoconjunctivitis in subjects with occupational asthma, Eur Respir J, 1997;10:1513-1515,

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Study aimed to assess the prevalence, severity and timing of symptoms of rhino-conjunctivitis in association with occupational asthma. Specific inhalation challenges confirmed the diagnosis of occupational asthma in 40 subjects. Symptoms of rhinitis were reported at some time by 37/40 subjects, and conjunctivitis by 29/40 subjects. The prevalence of symptoms was not different for high and low molecular weight (HMW, LMW) agents, although rhinitis was more intense for HMW. There were significantly fewer subjects with occupational asthma due to LMW agents, with rhinitis appearing before asthma. Authors conclude, symptoms of rhino-conjunctivitis are often associated with occupational asthma. Rhinitis is less pronounced in case of LMW agents, but more often appears before occupational asthma in the case of HMW agents

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