Malo JL, Trudeau C, Ghezzo H, L'Archeveque J, Cartier A, Do Subjects Investigated For Occupational Asthma Through Serial Peak Expiratory Flow Measurements Falsify Their Results?, J Allergy Clin Immunol, 1995;96:601-607,

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Serial assessment of peak expiratory flow (PEF) rates has been advocated as a sensitive and specific means of investigating occupational asthma. It has been raised that some subjects do not accurately report their values; however, the availability of instruments that assess and store PEF results now make it possible to estimate compliance and accuracy of results. 21 subjects consecutively investigated for occupational asthma were asked to assess their PEF every 2 hours during the day and record the times and values, unaware that the results were being stored. At least 6048 values should have been recorded, but only 4839 were either recorded or stored. Only 49% of recordings were accurate for both value and timing.

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Compliance with PEF recording less in those patients referred for compensation purposes

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** 3 Acceptable peak flow series can be obtained in around two thirds of those in whom a diagnosis of occupational asthma is being considered.

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