Lemiere C, Cartier A, Malo JL et al, Persistent specific bronchial reactivity to occupational agents in workers with normal nonspecific bronchial reactivity, Am J Respir Crit Care Med, 2000;162:976-980,

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16 workers with occupational asthma caused by the high-molecular-weight-agents flour, psyllium and guar gum were re-exposed to assess their current specific bronchial reactivity (SBR) to the sensitisers (removed from exposure for a mean period of 5.7 years). Concludes that SBR to such agents persists in most cases (11/16) despite a normalisation of NSBR, and that this persistence is associated with a persistence of specific immunisation to the agent. IgE significantly decreased and at lower level at time of second challenge in those not experiencing an asthmatic reaction.

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