Baldwin DR, Gannon PFG, Bright P, Newton DT, Robertson AS, Venables KM, Graneek B, Barker RD, Cartier A, Malo JL, Wilsher M, Pantin CFA, Burge PS, Interpretation Of Occupational Peak Flow Records: Level Agreement Between Expert Clinicians And OASYS-2, Thorax, 2002;57:860-864,

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Oasys-2 is a validated diagnostic aid for occupational asthma that interprets peak expiratory flow (PEF) records. Study aimed to assess level of agreement between expert clinicians interpreting serial PEF measurements in relation to work exposure and to compare the responses given by OASYS-2. Considerable variation in agreement was seen in expert interpretation of occupational PEF records, which may lead to inconsistencies in diagnosis of occupational asthma (experts underscore versus OASYS). There is a need for objective scoring system, which removes human variability, such as that provided by OASYS-2.

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** 3 There is high level of agreement between expert interpretations of serial peak flow records.

** 2+ Computed analysis of peak flow records has good diagnostic performance

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