Koskela H, Taivainen A, Tukiainen H et al, Inhalation challenge with bovine dander allergens: who needs it?, Chest, 2003;124:383-391,

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37 dairy farmers with suspected occupational asthma due to bovine allergens were studied to identify which tests would be useful in selecting patients for a specific inhalation challenge with bovine dander allergens. The sensitivity and specificity of bovine allergen IgE was studied. It appeared that the skin prick allergen was a homemade one and the IgE assay was a Pharmacia unicap. The specific IgE assay had a sensitivity of 9/11 and a specificity of 100%. The skin prick test (at more than 3 mm) had a sensitivity of 11/11 and a specificity of 13/26. There was no additional benefit from measuring the histamine PC20 or exhaled NO compared with specific challenge test. The clinical history had poor predictive value (specificity 13/36). Authors did however comment that a positive history and a positive specific IgE was sufficient to make the diagnosis.

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