Kogevinas M, Anto JM, Sunyer J, Tobias A, Kromhout H, Burney P, Occupational asthma in europe and other industrialised areas: a population-based study, Lancet, 1999;353:1750-1754,

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The causes and derived estimates of the risk of asthma attributable to occupational exposures were assessed in people randomly selected from the general population of 26 areas in 12 industrialised countries. The highest risk of asthma, defined as bronchial hyper-responsiveness and reported asthma symptoms or medication were shown for farmers odds ratio [OR] =2.62, painters OR=2.34, plastic workers OR = 2.2, cleaners OR = 1.97, spray painters OR = 1.96 and agricultural workers OR = 1.79. The most consistent results across countries were shown for farmers and cleaners. Excess asthma risk was associated with high exposure to biological dusts, mineral dusts, and gases and fumes. The proportion of asthma among young adults attributed to occupation was 5%-10%.

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