Agrup G, Belin L, Sjostedt L et al, Allergy to laboratory animals in laboratory technicians and animal keepers, Br J Ind Med, 1986;43:192-198,

BOHRF Original Authors' Main Conclusions

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Of 19 people with laboratory animal allergy symptoms and positive animal tests, 68% had a history of atopic dermatitis, rhinitis or asthma before they started work or reacted to one or more allergens in the standard battery. Atopic features were present in 3/11 (27%) people with animal related symptoms but with negative animal RAST and skin tests. Of the 30 with no animal related symptoms, 20% had a history of atopic disease or a positive reaction to a standard test or both. Atopy was commoner among those with positive tests to laboratory animal allergens. Smoking habits did not differ significantly.

The following comments are from the editors of the BOHRF occupational asthma guidelines and form part of the guidelines.

The first symptoms appeared after a mean latent period of 2.3 years.

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